What The Ladybird Heard…

Sunday, 29 June 2014


It’s been another busy week here at my studio. I’ve been working hard on illustrations for a new Julia Donaldson book, and I’ve also been getting ready for some visitors during the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield next week. Time for a studio spring clean!

It’s also a busy time for What the Ladybird Heard. The stage show is heading to Glastonbury this weekend, with two performances at the Kidz Field Big Top. I hope she’s packed her wellies! The farmer from What the Ladybird Heard has also been getting some Glastonbury-related attention too. In a recent Guardian article Bridget Christie quizzed Michael Eavis on the resemblance between him and the farmer from the book. He seemed pretty pleased with the likeness and as I said in the article, he is the most famous farmer in the land!

The What the Ladybird Heard show is currently on tour, and I’m joining them on Friday 4th July at the Richmond Theatre in London. Limited free tickets for my drawing workshop after the show are available from the Richmond Theatre to attendees of the morning performance. What the Ladybird Heard is now on the second 6-month leg of the tour, and I’m looking forward to meeting the new actors and seeing them perform. There are whispers of a brand new song, how exciting!

Think that’s all for now. I will be regularly updating my Lydia Monks books Facebook too (promise!) so keep your eyes peeled for news on there too.



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